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Vector- Is this a game, or is it Glue cuz I just can't get it off me!!

This is one game that you won't put's Vector.

Developed by Nekki studios, Vector is one of THE best parkour games I've played till date. The story is set in a pretty dystopian time where humans are controlled by an animated drawing that looks like a male(i think). Nevertheless, one of the workers, i.e. your character revolts and escapes. The game involves your free running adventures through a 3-part story in a variety of various environments.

Controls involve simple swipe gestures to jump, duck and accelerate. Rest assured you'll have hours of fun with this amazing game while being chased by a guard with a TASER and assisted by various unknown characters in the finale of each part.

You earn money with which you can purchase some awesome looking moves like the Thief Vault, Wheel Jump, Back Flip and much more!!
You get stars at the end of every level and you need a minimum number of stars or cash to enter the next part of a story.
If there are any cons about this's the size- 45MB which isn't your typical app size!! Nevertheless, Vector is one game you will enjoy, with it's cool storyline, easy controls and awesome parkour thrill!! 
Get the game at The Play Store today!!


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