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Fake 'high-end' gadgets in Thailand!!

I had a lot of fun during my Thai getaway; the beaches, the city, the gadgets? Think again before buying any electronic device from a local shopping square in Thailand.

Unfortunately, one of my tour-mates bought an iPhone 4 for $90(USD)!!!! He soon realised that he was cheated, but we were already on a flight back home.

Well, I'm the tech-savvy sort of guy and wanted to check out some of the prices myself. I approached the keeper of some XYZ electronics store and asked for the price of a Samsung Galaxy SII. And he asks me, single sim or dual sim? I realised that moment that he isn't selling legitimate handsets, but fake imitations. Because I know that the Galaxy series is single sim specific(except for the recent Galaxy Y duos, none other). And the price, just $80(USD)!!!

While exploring the overcrowded, cheap market squares of Bangkok, I observed this family buying a random 'MID Tablet PC'(totally Chinese) thinking that it was an iPad. They made the payment and wanted to test it out with a keyboard extension. The storekeeper plugged it in, and not to my surprise the tablet was running on Android OS(iPad sort of tablet---->Android????). Over that, the keyboard extension didn't work.

I was quite frustrated, seeing innocent people being cheated. I wanted to help, and that's why I'm writing this post to raise some awareness about the illegal markets in Thailand.

Share this article to everyone you know or whoever is bound for Thailand, until it reaches someone who can take action. I might be over reacting, but I just want you consumers to get quality gadgets and be happy with them. Now you can go for a 'MID Tablet PC', or really enjoy your computing experience with a true iPad.

So shop safe and enjoy your Thai getaway.

In the next post: iOS vs Android- Who stands to impress...........better? 
Stay tuned for more intel from the world of technology.


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