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Know your budget smartphone

In the world we live today, smart technology is the new 'in-thing'; giving you what you want in a matter of seconds. And this technology is widely present in our humble mobile phones. Who would think that the simple handset which could be used to make calls would evolve into the marvel it is. 

It's like having the whole world in your hands. Smartphones and tablet PCs have become a necessity more than an enjoyable pastime with your near and dear. But all this comes for a price; a really BIG one.
With manufacturers such as Apple Inc., HTC and Samsung expanding their reach by the minute, everyone wants their own smartphone.

Which is why the major share takers in the market have decided to make smartphones available to everyone by introducing budget smartphones which combine style, functionality and a 'more-believable' price tag. 

Samsung's Galaxy Y was a really good budget smartphone to start with. Its camera wasn't one to be pleased with, but with the rock-bottom price of just $150(USD), you couldn't ask for more. It ran on Gingerbread and had a nice 0.8 GHz processor.

Another exceptional budget smartphone was the LG Optimus Net whose design was a little bit on the blander side compared to the Galaxy Y, but it packed the same hardware. It's camera was slightly better and the price was the same as that of the Y.

Though budget smartphones do lack the sophistication of 'high-end' devices, they are great for teenagers or for those who want to venture into the world of smartphones without burning their wallets. They are great birthday gifts and much better replacements for your regular MP3 players(they have that inbuilt in them too).

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