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TechnGizmos helps consumers by providing reviews on the best gadgets in the market. However, some people need different gadgets to fulfill different requirements and may get confused on deciding which gadget to take. So, The TechGuide page has been designed to help you out in these critical faculties.

                             The TechGuide page is based on some simple but important parameters on which people purchase devices such as smartphones and tablets, namely:

1. Display- These days touchscreen devices dominate the market and the display of such devices plays a very critical role in the overall appeal of the device. The device must have a good pixel density(pixels per square inch) to really bring out the HD feel. LED backlit screens consume the least power but Super AMOLED screens provide the optimum viewing experience and bring out some really good colours.

2. Power- Power in devices is measured by the frequency of the processor(measured in Gigahertz); the greater the frequency, the greater the power. More power means that the device will be very responsive and can multi task better than others. 1GHz is a very good frequency and can function very smoothly; anything more is great;anything less won't be able to handle the stress of multi tasking as fluidly.

3. OS- OS is basically an abbreviation for Operating System,i.e., the basic program on which the phone functions. Many OSs have been developed recently, but the famous and most reliable ones are Apple's iOS and Google's Android OS. You must always go for phones which run on these OSs. However, experimenting with Windows OS and Blackberry OS won't do much harm(they are good, but not as captivating as iOS and Android). We suggest that you don't go for Nokia's Symbian OS for it isn't fast and doesn't look great either.

4. Camera- Many people want good camera phones and the definition of a camera is determined by its resolution(measured in megapixels). An 8 megapixel camera on the phone is good enough for everyday use and for those who want good quality images. However, if you want perfect detail in your pictures, the highest resolution ever achieved in a camera phone is 12 megapixels. You can take amazing macro shots as well as detailed and crisp micro shots. The camera must also have an LED flash so as to take shots in dark areas.

5. Capacity- Nowadays, all smartphone users download apps(short for applications) such as games, connecting to social networks or other useful utilities. To store these apps a phone needs to have a good capacity. Some devices, such as those from Apple Inc. have a high in- built capacity(in Gigabytes). However, some can store only up to a few 200-300 Megabytes. In this case micro SD cards which can store Gigabytes of information are provided by the manufacturers on purchasing any device.

6. Connectivity- Being connected to the world is the whole idea of a phone. But nowadays, smartphones have become so advanced that they have redefined connectivity. We have all heard about 3G,but do you know what it actually means. It is short for third-generation connectivity which enables high data transfer speeds and a non-lag web browsing experience. This also enables streaming HD videos on the Internet. The fourth-generation of connectivity(4G), is the best option to seamlessly connect with the net.

7. Build Quality- A very important aspect which you must think about before purchasing a device is that whether it is durable and will survive falls. This is where build quality of a device comes in and it depends on the materials used in constructing the device. Metal or aluminium to be specific is the best and premium material used; plastic is light but durable as well. Apple Inc. has designed its latest phone as a glass sandwich, which is not at all durable and has high chances of breaking.

8. Budget- If you have a good budget, you get a good device and smartphones these days come with heavy price tags. If you are willing to shell out a few more bucks, your device will be equipped with better features and will offer some better functionality. A price tag of $500-$800(USD) will fetch you an amazing device with the latest features. Some Companies have also taken the initiative to make their devices universally affordable by introducing budget devices which offer reasonably good functionality and come with decent features and have a lower price tag.

Hope the TechGuide answers all your questions and helps you choose the perfect phone, tablet or any device. You can now search for reviews by either typing them in the Search Box or by clicking the 'Review' Tab above.
Happy TechBrowsing!

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