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A Car that can be controlled with your Smartphone!!

The Mahindra e20

Mahindra has finally come out with Reva's bigger and tech savvy brother, the e2o. But we're not going to review the car, you can check an automobile site for that. Vee4Soft brings you the techier aspects of this amazing vehicle.

Vehicle status
Besides running purely on electricity, the Reva e2o can be controlled almost entirely through a simple smartphone application!! Ingenious isn't it?
You can start the car, regulate the Air Conditioning, Lock/Unlock it, check the battery status and even plan a trip all with just a tap on your smartphone's screen.

Multimedia Panel with bluetooth
This means that even on a hot day, after leaving your car parked outside, you can activate the AC to keep the car cool so that you won't have to sit in an oven and have yourself baked!! It feels even better when you realize that the e2o is an electric vehicle which doesn't cause any pollution and is super silent, giving you peace of mind even as you drive through the traffic infested streets of India.

Digital Dashboard
The application is very user friendly and requires preliminary registration. After that, your phone is completely synced with the car's onboard electronics, giving you full remote access and control!

The entertainment touch panel serves as a smart device on its own with which you can pair your phone via Bluetooth and play your favorite songs, navigate to your destination and even make phone calls. Thus you won't have to pick up your phone during important calls, minimizing casualties on the road.
Smartphone app to control your vehicleEnough of the pros, now for some cons. You still need to use your packet data(from your cell carrier), which has to be connected all the time so that you can use the app. This might invite increased data charges, and thus bigger bills!! Also, the app works only on the Mahindra e20, so I wouldn't drop my current automobile just for the added functionality.

You CAN NOT drive the car through the application which is a total letdown. Well, you can't expect a Bat Mobile for such a low price, can you?
Nevertheless, the Mahindra e2o is a fresh change in the field of E-vehicles. Despite the cons, you can't deny the fact that what was once a dream has actually been accomplished by Mahindra. With the coming years, you can expect this app to control many more variants of automobiles, but for now, kudos to Mahindra!!

KALQ- The Future of Keypad typing with 34% faster typing!!

We have been using the QWERTY keyboard for typing from the era of typewriters. QWERTY has even become the stock keyboard for all touch screen devices. However, due to the fact that you can only use your thumbs to type, it's a very cumbersome process to type long sentences without making errors.

A group of American researchers have finally come out with a totally new keyboard format tailor-made for touch screen devices- KALQ. With this new format, texting speed can increase upto 37 words per minute!!! That's 34% faster than the average speed on a QWERTY keypad!! This ensures that conversations take place quickly like in "real-life" unrestricted by slow typing speeds.

The design is very minimalistic, however a lot has gone into the letter placement. As you can see most of the vowels are placed on the right, while there are a greater number of keys on the left. This design pertains to the fact that we actually use our LEFT hand more than our right while texting!!  

Though it's still in it's prototype phase, tests have been conducted and have shown that the KALQ format gives a substantial increase in typing speeds as compared to a split QWERTY. We hope that the new smartphones get this upgrade as soon as possible so that we can experience the KALQ firsthand!!

Convert your Non-Touch Windows 8 device into a stylus touch screen with Touch 8!!

So you've purchased a "non-touch" Windows 8 PC and hear your friends bragging about how awesome the OS is with the power of touch. Don't worry you, can still exploit the awesomeness of touch on a "non-touch" Windows 8 computer, thanks to this nifty stylus clip-on, Touch 8.

Unclutter your Facebook feed with FB Purity

The first thing you do when you log onto Facebook, is check your feed. Unfortunately due to too many page likes and connections, your feed becomes unorganized and you start wondering why you ever even thought of liking those random pages.
Ever saw that message where "X is now friends with Y" and you're like, "who gives a damn!!" Techngizmos is here to save you from your immensely cluttered feeds, with a nifty browser plugin called FB Purity!!

Contrary to what your thinking, FB Purity stands for "Fluff Busting Purity"(who would think of that name??!?!?). Nevertheless, once you download the plugin, which is compatible with all major browser(Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer), you can then log on to your Facebook.
When you access your feeds, you will have to refresh the browser page. The FB Purity button will appear above the status bar which will show you how many apps are blocked..

Once you click the FB Purity button, you will be offered a vast choice of options on what you want to show up on your feeds. This is the USP of this utility as it gives you total control on how you look at your Facebook. There's even a Donate button, if you feel that FB Purity has really helped unclutter your feeds.

Here's a little video that runs you through FB Purity and how to use it:

However, Facebook Inc. isn't too happy with Purity and is trying to lock it down. So I'd suggest you download the plugin ASAP to make Facebook show what YOU want to see.
So what are you waiting for? Download FB Purity at for cleaner Facebook feeds!!

The Complete Intel Processor Guide

According to Moore's Law, the number of transistors on a chip are expected to double in every two years(approx.)
So you wanna buy a new PC or laptop and have no idea about what processor is good for you. Fear not for TechnGizmos presents the Complete Intel Processor Guide!!

I'm sure you're all familiar with terms like 2nd Gen, 3rd Gen, i5, i3, etc. and you have no idea what all that means. Every year, Intel introduces a new manufacturing process, i.e., a new method of fixing transistors onto chips to maximize efficiency, and speed up tasks. 

The 2nd Generation uses the 32 nano-meter manufacturing process whereas the 3rd Generation uses the 22 nano-meter process. When you can fit a higher number of transistors in the same space, you get a more powerful processor which can render tasks with greater efficiency. The 3rd Gens do cost a little more, but now with the coming of the 4th Gen Haswell, it would be wise to future-proof your computer with those extra few dollars!!


Now coming to the bizzareness of the i3, i5 and i7 processors, the basic point of difference of the 3 is the no. of cores!!

1. i3 is a Dual Core processor which comes with HyperThreading technology but no TurboBoost. Low Cost
2. i5 is a Quad Core with TurboBoost but lacks HyperThreading. Priced higher than i3.
3. i7 combines the best of both worlds with 6 cores, TurboBoost and HyperThreading!! Fabulously priced.

The i3's HyperThreading allows you to get two tasks solved at once, using  two parallel threads making multi-tasking a breeze!! This is great for everyday work and handles games on a low-medium setting. With it's low price tag, it's a steal.

With the i5, 3D Graphics can be rendered with greater detail as compared to an i3. And thanks to the TurboBost, you can overclock your processor in times of need. It can handle games from a medium to high scale.

When you talk about the i7, you're a hardcore gamer who doesn't want to compromise on graphics with ultra settings. With 6 cores and the technologies of both i5 and i3, the i7 is priced very high but it delivers as promised. 

So there you have it, our complete processor guide. Now you can walk into any tech store confidently and choose the processor that suits you the best for gaming, super-charged work or just everyday multi-tasking.

Not just Faster. Smarter!!

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