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KALQ- The Future of Keypad typing with 34% faster typing!!

We have been using the QWERTY keyboard for typing from the era of typewriters. QWERTY has even become the stock keyboard for all touch screen devices. However, due to the fact that you can only use your thumbs to type, it's a very cumbersome process to type long sentences without making errors.

A group of American researchers have finally come out with a totally new keyboard format tailor-made for touch screen devices- KALQ. With this new format, texting speed can increase upto 37 words per minute!!! That's 34% faster than the average speed on a QWERTY keypad!! This ensures that conversations take place quickly like in "real-life" unrestricted by slow typing speeds.

The design is very minimalistic, however a lot has gone into the letter placement. As you can see most of the vowels are placed on the right, while there are a greater number of keys on the left. This design pertains to the fact that we actually use our LEFT hand more than our right while texting!!  

Though it's still in it's prototype phase, tests have been conducted and have shown that the KALQ format gives a substantial increase in typing speeds as compared to a split QWERTY. We hope that the new smartphones get this upgrade as soon as possible so that we can experience the KALQ firsthand!!


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