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The BORING race for "wearable tech" continues!!

Now that we have reached the pinnacle of technology(or at least we assume we have), computers are now getting off our desks and laps and more onto us!! Whether you like it or not, wearable tech IS the future of our "digitally-encompassed" lives. It's convenient, but is it necessary? In my!! Yet companies like Apple and Samsung continue to drive forward research on wearable computers.

Apple's concept of the iWatch has been rumored countless number of times in the form of a variety of weird pictures. Apple has claimed their research on wearable tech but refuse to give anything for us to chew on!!


Samsung has also proposed the release of their version of the smart watch under the market name "Altius". This is supposed to work as a subordinate computer to all the Galaxy Phones. The designs look pretty impressive, yet we don't see the impact it would make in the market.


And thus, we see technology evolving everyday as we speak and we must accept that change is inevitable in such a competitive market.
Though a piece of advice to such companies, your "concepts" have a very poor chance of being accepted by the public, let alone being purchased. It would be more important to focus  on up-scaling the hardware so that powerful smartphones can run increasingly complicated software and be available to the masses!!


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