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The Pomegranate phone- Does everything a smartphone can, and more......

The Pomegranate phone must be the most bizarre device you've ever seen in your life. Well, that's because it is!! Read On to know what you can do with this weird yet, pretty cool piece of future tech....
Design- Nothing like it, seriously!! The Pomegranate phone is pretty much designed after its namesake, splitting into three unique slices the same way you cut up the original fruit. What makes the Pomegranate tick? We'll be glad to let you know:

1. A full size projector!!

The BIG Picture

Believe it or not, that tiny metal-like 'thingy'(at the bottom-left corner) is the Pomegranate projecting a slideshow. Where's the projector? Tucked nicely on the top. This means, no more clunky, T-Rex sized projectors!! Carry your Pomegranate with you and you're ready for that big business meeting.

2. A 50-language Translator!!

See how it works in this short video:

Now we can firmly conclude that the world has become a smaller place and all the credit goes to the Pomegranate. Lost in a different country? The Pomegranate is here to help, well that's if the country you're lost in has a language which can be translated!!!! Bonjour, Marhaba, Ciao!!!

3. A Harmonica!!

Bring on the Music!!

Bored? Have a sense of music? Well, the Pomegranate phone can help with that too. Play on with your harmonica, that's if you know how to!!

4. You can get a clean shave!!

Time for quick shave!!

Weird and totally unnecessary!! But what the heck, it's just another example to show you what the Pomegranate is capable of...........EVERYTHING[exaggeration]!! Forgot your shaving kit and desperately need a shave, take out a Pomegranate. However, I couldn't find the shave gel dispenser!!!

And last, but weirdly not the least:
5. A Coffee brewer?!?!?!?!
Definitely weird, a phone that makes you coffee. See how it works in this video:

We don't know if this is real, but it's bizarre and that's why it's featured on TechnGizmos. Even if it's legit, you still have to carry a mug around with you; so much for a multi-tasking phone!!!

Other than that, the Pomegranate is a regular smartphone which can make calls, check mail, browse the web, play video and audio files and has an inbuilt camera and GPS.
The Pomegranate is a really special concept phone as it can do what any phone wouldn't dare to do(especially the coffee brewing!). Nevertheless we can only wait until it's out in the market. Other than that, pricing will be another concern. But for now, another crazy smartphone with functionality you could possibly never imagine, the Pomegranate.
To know more about the Pomegranate, visit It's a really cool website showing every single feature of the phone, in detail.

Stay tuned to TechnGizmos for more intel from the world of technology.

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