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Chrome OS- Google's first operating system venture!! Windows beware.....

Just when Windows and Mac OS X seemed to dominate the OS market, our humble search engine Google intervened with an Operating System of its own, with the title taken from its famous internet browser, Chrome. Let's take a look into what makes Chrome OS a highly 'Googled' topic.....
You might think that Chrome OS is just like any other OS. Think again, because Chrome OS is a completely rethought version of the Operating System. What makes it so different? Watch this video to find out:

Pretty cool isn't it, your internet browser is the Operating System of the device!! That means less time is wasted booting your PC and you land onto the internet instantly. Chrome OS is very similar to Google Android's tablet Operating Systems; only this time, it's optimized for your PC.

All you have to do is press the on button on your Chrome device(which boots in a matter of seconds), login with your Google id and voila!!!, you're on Google Chrome, the browser. You have a direct link to apps and can even 'white-list' you're favorite apps, which is much like pinning a program to your taskbar in Windows. It's super simple and you can learn exactly how Chrome OS works with this short, informative video :

Wow!! that's what you must be thinking. But, Chrome OS has its shortcomings too. Since Chrome OS is purely web based, you need to have an internet connection. Otherwise, Chrome OS and Chrome devices in particular are practically useless. You can perform very few functions off the cloud and that's one big minus point.

As of now, Chrome OS comes pre-installed only in notebooks from Google, a.k.a. Chromebooks which are ultra-fast booting PCs. Chrome OS might be able to make Microsoft think of a new gameplan, but it's not enough to displace it. It's simply a cool OS that brings the internet, straight to your homescreen.

On the other hand, if your life is based completely on the internet(and nothing else), then Chrome OS and Chrome devices are your 'must-haves'. They boot up very quickly(in just 7 seconds!!!) and very little or no data is stored on the device itself. You can find all your data tucked safely into the cloud.

Chrome OS, your PC, on the web!!

Up next: The 'ULTRA'book battle!!


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