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iOS vs Android- Who stands to impress........better?

Blogger Notice: The author of this post is not a fanboy and will not take sides in the battle of the reputed OSs. He will only give you his perspective as a common electronics consumer. So sit back, relax and enjoy the face-off.

So you all must be proud of your iPhone/iPad or Android handset/tablet, but have you ever thought of buying the rival device(iPhone if you already have an Android and vice versa). Do you really think it's worth it? Well, I'm going to help you decide.........

iOS- The Apple Inc. specific OS. It's present only on devices from the American manufacturer. Its Appstore is large and features a range of some really irresistible applications. Major games including Angry Birds, Temple Run and Where's my Water became successful before even entering the Android market. The devices are constructed of premium materials and screen resolutions are really great.
However, even the slightest drop can completely damage the screen. The aluminium body can conduct heat produced by the circuits within. This makes holding the device during heavy usage, tough.  Screens use LCD technology which is inferior compared to Android's AMOLED.  iOS has very little or no customization capabilities. You have the same set icons and no widgets to make the phone/tablet feel like your own.

Android- The Linux based OS from Google literally stormed the market, as it could be used to support any device. Though, the Google Play Store(previously known as the Android Market) has a user-friendly interface, you still had to wait for major apps such as Angry Birds and Temple Run after their iOS releases. However, the Market also had some really good apps of its own such as Evernote and Go Launcher X. The build quality of Android smartphones and tablets surpass that of iOS. Plastic acts as a shock absorber and heat insulator. A big plus point is the ability to customize with a multitude of widgets.   
The screen resolution may not be great, but the superior AMOLED technology provide deep and saturated colours.

So, looking at the general technical aspects, I would give the edge to Android. Because you can customize it and  the devices that support them aren't as fragile. It's a package of functionality, style and durability too.

If you think otherwise, don't forget to leave a comment below.

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