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Is 4shared a safe utility?

You sure love your Appstore and Google Play Store. All your apps come from there; but there are apps which have to be purchased and have better features compared to the free versions. You could jailbreak your iPhone or root your Android, but there is always the worry of being 'bricked'.

For this, unique utilities have been created to make paid apps downloadable for free. FreeMyApps is a really good free apps provider and a lot of my buddies have left the Appstore completely, because it works on a very safe system. You download a sponsored app, get credits and redeem them for your favorite paid apps without spending a single cent. And it's completely legal.

However, 4shared doesn't work on this system. All you have to do is login with a 4shared account, search for the file you want and download it. You do get access to paid apps for free, but you must always be careful of what you download. You might download a virus which can completely corrupt your system. 

The apps on 4shared also lag on 'lower-end' devices and might not even fit properly into the mini screens. So you shouldn't completely rely on 4shared. Maybe for a while, but not forever(unless you want to mix your device in ashes).

So that was my opinion on 4shared. You can always get the best apps for free, but I'd always recommend the fail-safe and user-friendly Google Play Store. And by downloading a paid app and honestly paying for it, you're protecting your device from any threats and you get to run a safe, lag-free application.

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