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Augmented Reality- A step into the Future........

People these days don't even need to ask for information; just Google it and then you're presented with so much data that even the world's largest Encyclopedia can't match up. But now a new sort of technology is beginning to hog the limelight and it's called Augmented reality.

It might sound like it's jumped out form a sci-fi movie(remember Star Trek?) but augmented reality basically utilizes smartphone cameras. We always come across these QR codes which are somewhat like advanced bar codes. You can use your smartphone camera to take a pic, scan it and let it reveal a lot of information on the internet. Augmented reality works exactly the same it an advanced stage of virtual reality.

Augmented reality has got a lot of applications in real life. In museums, there are these hubs with a code you can scan with a camera and voila!!, you get 3D Holographic characters who talk about a particular exhibit and look and sound like the real thing!! It can be used to project virtual interactive keyboards.It's even used in maps, video games and even restaurants to give you an idea about what you're going to have for dinner!!

We don't use it a lot, but soon augmented reality will become a part of our daily lives. It might breach the gap between the real and virtual worlds and who wouldn't love to live in their own personal space. 
Latest reports say that Google has come out with a pair of Augmented Reality Glasses!!!! Well, what are you waiting for? Dive in to the next world!!!!

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