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9 Tips to bulletproof your phone's battery life

You charge your phone to 100%, use it for a while and and just a few hours later, you're forced to recharge it without knowing what used up so much of your precious juice. Well here are some tips which will work not only in smartphones but tablets too. You will definitely notice a significant improvement in battery life....

1. Turn down screen brightness
Other than the phone's sub-systems, the screen is major battery chomper. Go to your display settings and change the brightness according to your preference. If it's at maximum, you definitely will save up a lot of power at lower settings. Don't worry, you'll get used to it; my screen brightness is at minimum and I have no problem viewing!!

2. Turn off unnecessary connections
Namely Bluetooth, Wi-fi and GPS. Of all these, Wi-fi drinks a lot of juice when not in use. Yes, it's free, but not good for your phone. If you really work around the internet, use 3G or 4G connections as they provide higher data transfer speeds and consume less power.

3. Take the cover off while charging
Think of the battery as a human being. You put it through some hard work, it gets exhausted and you need to give it some space to breathe. While charging, the battery tends to heat up(due to the flow of current). This deteriorates battery life. By removing the back panel, there's a fresh supply of air available and your battery will always remain healthy.

4. Download a task killer
Once your done using an app, you just click the home button and you go on to using another one. But you don't realize that the app you returned from is still running and that's consuming power without you even knowing about it. Therefore, by installing a task killer, you can close apps running in the background, hence saving up some extra juice. The Advanced Task Killer is the best task-killing app on the Play Store.

5. Turn off auto rotation
It's a really cool feature and makes your smartphone look slick. You can rotate the phone and the display moves according to the layout(portrait or landscape). However, this uses the phones accelerometer and that uses battery. It's a sacrifice of functionality, only to ensure your smartphone stay's on for long.

6. Use a dark Wallpaper
It may sound crazy but a wallpaper with darker colors actually decreases battery consumption. The brighter the wallpaper, the more is the charge is needed to make that wallpaper look cool, especially on devices with AMOLED displays.

7. Disable Sync
It sends you push notifications from your various internet accounts, and that obviously drains battery. If you're really in need of the notifications set the phone to receive notifications at regular intervals rather than every second.

8. Download a Battery Saver App
You'll find tons of these in the Play Store; all of them work well. However, my personal favorite is Juice Defender as it allows you to customize your settings and saves your battery accordingly. In the paid version of the app, you can actually alter the processor clock speed which can save you tons of battery!! 

9. Enter Flight Mode
If you're the kind of guy who doesn't receive a lot a phone calls, you can switch off your phone's radio by going into flight mode. This disables all radio connections and can always be reset. It saves up some extra juice.

You can now use these tips to bulletproof your phone's battery life!! Keep your batteries safe.

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