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TCop- Finally, A gadget that protects your mobike!!

It's become a nuisance these days; a guy gets the copy of your mobike's key, makes a duplicate, finds your bike and takes it away. But now, you can get rid of this with a little help of technology. It's called TCop bike security.

It's just a small, palm-sized box. You can wire it into your bike and integrate the software into a regular cell phone(no smartphone required). It works on those old hard plastic Nokias too!!

Here's how it works, imagine you've parked your bike and some random person comes and puts an identical key into the ignition slot. Instantly, TCop sends you a message on your phone, asking whether it's you trying to switch on the bike. If you send a message of denial,i.e., no, TCop switches of the ignition and immobilizes the key.

So you can rush back, catch your culprit and let the law do the rest of the work. It's a really good gadget and I think everyone should get TCop wired into their bikes, especially in countries in south and south-east asia, where theives are lurking around in every corner.

Keep your bike safe and have a great day!!
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