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iPhone 4s vs Galaxy SII- Clash of the Titans!!

This is going to be tough. Two phones from two of the best smartphone manufacturers in the world. Will Korean ingenuity triumph, or will American craftsmanship prove a tad bit smarter? Read On....
Starting with design, both phones are beauties. You can't get enough of both; however, looking at the build quality of both devices, the SII is a clear winner.

Utilizing the lightweight yet protective properties of plastic, Samsung outsmarts Apple's glitzy glass and aluminium unibody. You drop an iPhone, it won't be the same, but if you drop the SII, you won't be able to see any sort of damage!!

Now we come to hardware, the AMOLED screen technology on the SII provides deeper and saturated colours. But the LED-backlit LCD screen of the iPhone does give a better resolution. Both are powered by 1GHz processors and come with 8 MP autofocus cameras. So, it's pretty much a stalemate.

However, coming to the OS, the SII has a winning edge called customization. Android comes with a multitude of widgets which iOS clearly doesn't support. All you can do is change wallpapers, but in the SII you can truly make your phone feel like yours.

Since the iPhone 4s is a unibody, you're locked out from the battery and can only use the onboard memory, depending on your model. The SII comes with a good amount of onboard memory and an SD card slot. So you won't have to worry about memory space while downloading your favorite applications.

Stacking up the pros and cons, the SII comes out as winner thanks to its user-friendly OS, durable choice of materials and its expandable memory. So, this should have washed out your dilemma. If you think the iPhone still has a winning edge, leave a comment below and I'll be glad to reply.

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