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CloudMagic- Search all your internet accounts with one innovative app!!

The internet has become a hub of social interaction, business and entertainment. And millions and millions of sites are being made everyday to make the world an even smaller place. I can bet, you definitely have Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts and over that, 2-3 email accounts. It might get tiresome searching for updates on every account and that's why an Indian software development company designed CloudMagic....

Once you register yourself with CloudMagic(which takes about 30 seconds), crawlers will be sent out to analyse your social network and email accounts. 

After that, you can open up the app and easily see updates and new emails on the simple interface of CloudMagic. Now that saves a lot of time and internet data!!
And it's totally safe and free!!!
The Downside- You can't post anything and you can't compose emails. CloudMagic was made to work like a superfast Search Engine to minimize the stress on 'low-end' PCs and mobiles.  
So if you're interested or want to minimize your internet consumption. Go right away to  and enjoy updates with one tap!!

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