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iOS6, Mountain Lion and the new MacBook Pro- Live from Apple WWDC 2012!!

The Apple WWDC comes every year between 11-15 June and leaves us thinking about what's in store for us from the American electronics manufacturer. However, ticket prices are as expensive as those amazing Macs!!! So, if you missed out the DC, you can know all about it right here, right now. The stars of attraction- iOS6, OS X Mountain Lion and the New MacBook Pro!!!!
Well, let's take a look inside the WWDC building; you know, give you a feel of what you're in for:

Oh Yeah!!! iOS6 in the front row-centre!!! Well if you remember my post 10 Reasons why the iPhone sucks.........BIGTIME!!, I greatly stressed on the shortcomings of iOS5. Well now, I think that might have reached Apple and they've decided to give an answer to my remarks, the hard way. And the answer is just 4 characters long: i-O-S-6!!!

Well coming to what iOS6 is capable of, I'd say..........a lot compared to its predecessor.

Apple Maps
Gone is the classic iOS Google integration and Maps. Yes, Apple has now put in its on version of maps and a dedicated Safari search. The maps on iOS are said to be very user-friendly and come with 3D settings to help you with every turn you take!!

And finally, Facebook and Twitter integration for iOS6!!!

Yes, you read that correctly(go get your eyes checked if you still don't believe me). Now, everything you do on your Apple device, from taking a picture, to adding a contact has complete integration with the two social networking websites. This is something we've been waiting for.


The picture is pretty self explanatory. iOS6 gets all your important documents tucked into your Apple device very neatly and you'll never need to use paper again. This function doesn't only help you, but also the environment. With Passbook on iOS6, more people will opt in for e-tickets, e-passes, e-boarding cards. This will definitely reduce paper consumption and will make Apple GREENER.

Other features include SiriX and iCloudX which are better versions of their predecessors.

And now, coming to some Hardware. The MacBook left no stone unturned in revolutionizing laptop computing; especially the MacBook Pro. Well what if we take a MacBook Pro and fit it's 'already glorious screen' with the 'celestial' Retina Display. Well, you don't have to do it, because Apple's already done it for you.
Watch how the MacBook evolved from the Air to the Pro with Retina display. And a few features of the new MacBook Pro:

Sorry to interrupt your drooling, but TechnGizmos can take over now with the new MacBook Pro's spec sheet.
The new MacBook Pro boasts a screen resolution of 2880x1800 pixels. That's like 2 billion more pixels than an HD TV!!! And it only gets better as we dig in deeper. A quad-core 2.3 GHz Intel i7 processor hums within, giving you an amazing user experience with effortless multi-tasking capabilities. The new MacBook Pro comes loaded with 8GB of system RAM and a dedicated 1GB GeForce graphics card. Since it's an ultrabook, there's no DVD drive but that has made space for 758 Gigabytes of Flash storage.
The new MacBook Pro will support the latest version of Mac OS X entitled Mountain Lion. OS X Mountain Lion is pretty much like its predecessors with a few bumped up features and those attractive space themed wallpapers.
Well, after all this, it would be sinful to tell you that the price of the new MacBook Pro starts from $3000(USD). But that's the bittersweet truth of the Mac form the the very beginning. Even the first Mac from Apple, the Macintosh128k was priced at $2500 when it was released in 1984!!! And that was a big deal considering it was powered by a 'decent' 8 MHz micro processor!!! Steve Jobs must be smiling right now.
Well, the Apple WWDC 2012 couldn't get any better with iOS6, OS X Mountain Lion and the new MacBook Pro. The terrific trio will storm the market later this year. Android and Windows, better come up with your game plan, because Apple's already come up with one and it's looking good. Wait a minute, I just saw an Android that looked like a Jellybean, check it out!! Someone else has also gate crashed into iOS6's party- Windows 8!!
Up Next: Chrome OS, your PC, on the web!!
Stay tuned to TechnGizmos for more intel from the world of technology.


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