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Google's Prototype glasses- The future is here!!

That's right, these pair of glasses might look like they might have jumped out from a sci-fi movie, but think again, because these glasses are Google's first venture into the future, starting from now!!!!
These glasses have gone through years of development and perfection under a project entitled 'Project Glass' to become what we call ' the future leap' gadget of the year.

Now, coming to it's capabilities. You're obviously on the internet as you're reading this post. Over that, you have your finger on Facebook, Twitter or a million other websites. And you're doing all this sitting on a big monitor, laptop, tablet or smartphone. What if you could do all this without the extra weight of any of the above stated devices? What if you could WEAR the internet on your head?

That's what Google's glasses are all about; the internet 'in your face', literally!!!! It uses the internet and a- microcomputer to project the web on the lens of the glass. You will be able to do anything you are capable of  doing on your regular PC, without having the need to carry one!! Check out this video by Google on how the Glasses really work:

You can check out maps, keep track on your social networks and browse the internet. Remember that article on Augmented Reality(click here if you don't)? The Google Glasses are a living example of it!!
The downside; they look a bit goofy and might not add much of a style quotient to your persona. Other than that, we are just waiting for the price(which will be as shocking as the glasses themselves).

Leaving that aside, the Google Glasses really show man's(or Google's) determination in making technology an integral part of our lives. Truly a step into the future and beyond!!
Oh and one last thing, the Glasses aren't meant for daily wear. Visit your nearest Optician to get a REAL pair of glasses!!!

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