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The Comment Box- A Humble Request

Good day everyone, Mr. Technoid here with the review of the.........................
well guys I won't be reviewing anything today, but all I will do is make a humble request. I have been reviewing gadgets from the past one month and you guys have been so patronizing by showering my site with page views. I thank each and everyone of the 1126 people(and counting......) for this. But there is one small thing which isn't completing TechnGizmos, and that is viewer feedback which(in the case of TechnGizmos) can only be seen through comments.

 You see guys, if you can just spare a few minutes of your precious time to comment on my reviews, you will actually be helping me to make the site user experience much better. It doesn't matter whether you criticize or appreciate my reviews, what matters is that you have recognized how good(or bad) this TechnGizmos is. The Share buttons haven't been put simply for decoration.......If you genuinely like TechnGizmos and want to share it with your friends then go ahead, otherwise the purpose of those buttons is wasted. I am not forcing any of you guys to comment or like TechnGizmos............All I'm saying is that your insight will be greatly appreciated.

Well I hope you guys start commenting to get out the most of the TechnGizmos experience. HAPPY COMMENTING !!!!!


You're doing a good job, Go on!

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