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What is Corning Willow Glass?

Well you've all heard about Corning Gorilla Glass- a tough sturdy touch screen glass that can withstand anything from an accidental drop, to an intended hammer shot.
This year at CES 2013 Las Vegas, Corning Inc. decided to up their gloss a notch and introduced Corning Willow Glass. It's as strong  as Gorilla and has the added advantage of being light, thin(100 microns!!!) and flexible. It can be twisted and turned into any shape!!! Here's a video to give you an idea of the strength of Willow Glass:

The industrial application of flexible glass is vast. Yet Corning Inc. has ideas on providing Willow Glass to mobile companies like Samsung to manufacture "bendable phones" with OLED screens. The idea of these devices is that one can simply roll large screen phones and carry them effortlessly


The idea is great, the designs-impressive, yet there always is the question of public acceptance. Though these "concepts" have been materialized, we don't see a great number of takers. These advancements do really show the progress we have made in this industry. But unless we see the practical feasibility of this new endeavors..... sorry to say, we'll just stick to our current devices!!
Nevertheless Corning Inc. should be appreciated for their hours of research and the fact that they've made something as rigid and fragile as glass...Strong, Sturdy and Flexible!!


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