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VisuZ 3D Filter- Play 3D games on a 2D monitor!!

Now who wouldn't want to play 3D games without worrying about buying a dedicated 3D monitor. Well, now there's a solution, and it's called the VisuZ Detachable 3D Filter. Developed by 3D Holograms, it packs the special CLD screen technology and basically is just a screen board clip-on and is very light(what did you think, a 10kg expansion box!!). It runs all 2D DirectX games(the standard videogame format) in 3D on your standard 2D monitors.

Once you install the software and clip on the screen, you might feel that it is a total rip-off. But within a few seconds, you get the feeling depth while gaming and that's what 3D is all about-being inside the game. 


Let's talk numbers. How much do you think the VisuZ would cost? A whopping 2000 dollars? No. 1000? 750? 500?....................All you have to do is go to your nearest consumer electronics shop with just $350(USD)!!!!!

That's it...........I can bet you hardcore gamers must be on the edge of your seats. So I won't keep you waiting any longer. Go ahead and give your gaming experience...........the 3rd dimension!!

In the next post: Fake 'high-end' gadgets in Thailand!!
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