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Is overclocking safe? How or Why Not?

I don't think so. Yep, that four worded phrase might have put you down, but you owe me a chance to explain myself.

With the help of overclock you will be able to run demanding apps. You'll just be happy that your phone's performance has increased manifold. But here's the catch; remember that example which I mentioned in my post 'What does a overclocking a processor mean?'

You do get your work done quickly, but over time the efficiency of the processor deteriorates. With so much info running through the circuits, the processor heats up. And when something heats up, you get a one-way ticket to an explosion.
Over that, with overclock, your device gets drained of its charge really quick. That means you have to keep your charger with you at all times. And that inevitabely means bigger bills!!

So I think you can enjoy overclock for a short period of time, but not forever; well unless you want to see your device overheat(and maybe explode) or surprise your mommy with a 4-figure electricity bill!!

In the next post: Play 3D games on a 2D monitor!!
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