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Photosynth- A Windows app on..........iOS?!?!?!

If the title wasn't shocking enough to put you on the edge of your seat, then the capabilities of this simple image- based application definitely will. It might look like a solar charger, but instead of trying to explain what it really is, read on to know more....
Photosynth utilizes breakthrough 'photo-stitching' technology and your smartphones camera to give an you amazing image capturing and sharing experience.
All you have to do is open up the app, which will take you to the image dashboard(from where you can launch your camera). And in case you're in a big room and want to capture everything, keep your finger on the shoot button and guide your camera within the highlighted boxes.

Once your done, take your finger off the shutter and watch the magic unfold as Photosynth 'synths' all the images into one amazing panorama!! Well, it's you who has to actually stitch the photos you want, but it pays off in the end.You can definitely feel depth within the image and that's what makes Photosynth, so cool!! Once your done 'stitching', you can flaunt your pics with your buddies through the social network integration within the app.

Photosynth was designed and developed in Microsoft Live Labs,'s the surprise, you won't find the app in the Windows market place. You should pick up your iPhone and head straight to the App Store. That's right, Apple Inc. apparently bought Photosynth from Microsoft and has officially aired it 'ready to download on iOS'

So if you want to give your photos that extra hint of 'cool', head to the App Store and download Photosynth, It's panoramas at their best!!!

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