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The One Wire Wonder- HP t410 All in One

It's HP's new Smart Zero client All-in-One PC, designed with a slim profile and maximizing performance without compromising work space. Read On....
Yeah, so it looks like another ordinary All-in-One. But here's the USP........
No cluster of wires required, no need for a jumbo office desk, because the t410 can fit in almost any corner and needs a simple ethernet cable using just 13 Watts of power!!!

It's powered by a single core1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 processor and runs on HP's Smart Zero Core Operating System. It boasts an 18.5 inch WLED backlit display which is decent for everyday computing.
What's more is that it comes with 1Gigabyte of System RAM and 2 GB of Flash memory.

It's Wi-fi compliant, has Bluetooth 2.0 and an alternating power port(which is actually not needed, because the entire device is powered by the ethernet cable).

The Price? You can get the HP Smart Zero Client All-in-One PC for just $450(USD). I think it's a really a good investment for those people who own small businesses, because you won't have miles of wiring to bother your computing experience and worrying about space consumption is out of the question.
The t410 isn't out in the markets yet, but we'll let you know as soon as possible!!

In the next post: Photosynth- a Windows App on.........iOS?!?!?!?


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