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The Epic Browser- The name says it all!!

In the age of the internet, browsers have now become windows to the virtual world of everything form politics, culture, social networking and most of all Technology. For a browser to remain on the top list is a challenge and one of them proves to have a very bright future. It's Epic............well, that's the name of the browser(what were you thinking?)....
It's the Epic browser powered by our loyal Mozilla(remember Firefox). And it's proposed to be 'THE' web browser for India. So, it's a browser, big deal; it'll just take you to your favorite site and you wouldn't even care to look at it for a second. So what's all the hype about.

I'll tell you...........presentation and design. The Epic browser comes with a simple easy-to-use interface, but the real USP is the customization. You got loads and loads of wallpapers(Indian and Global) ready to adorn your browser and some navigation options that will save browsing time.


The sidebar comes filled with social integration with websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and more. For the Indian housewife whose desperate to watch missed episodes from her favorite serials, Epic offers 14 Live TV channels along with 100s of TV shows and films!!! What's more? The Epic browser supports  Firefox add-ons!! So you're basically using Mozilla Firefox at a whole new level!!
And concerning safety, the browser offers warnings for over 3.3 Million malicious websites. Unfortunately, only the Windows version is available but the Mac and Linux versions are on their way.

So, if you're an Indian(it doesn't even matter about your nationality) who wants to drastically improve browser user experience, download the Epic browser right away, right here. It's smart, safe, fast and not to forget, FREE!!

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