Searching for what's going on in the World of Tech? Then you're at the right place!; Google planning to release a new breed of domain names!! ~ TechnGizmos | Cool Gadgets,Apps,News,Reviews and more......; Google planning to release a new breed of domain names!!

It's true!! a new domain is soon to release and it's called .lol and by 'lol', I mean Laughing Out Loud 'lol'. Read On to know more about the next generation of Google domains....
Your site's domain name might take a second to read, but it's a key factor in deciding whether your traffic's going to stick around for the years to come. Deciding a good domain name is fine, but getting your site up and running on it is no piece of cake.

Google's blog said that it submitted applications to the Internet Cooperation for Assigned Names and Numbers for a domain name entitled .lol
According to Google, blogs or websites with the .lol domain are supposed to have 'interesting and creative potential'.

Other than that, domains like .wow, .fashion, .you, .plus, .docs, .shop are soon to come out, once Google has bought the rights from companies such as Microsoft and Amazon. One peculiar domain proposal was for .love!!! That might sound crazy, but you's Google!!! Anything works.

So if you have a blog with some really great content and want to spread it through out the world, hold your horses, because soon is going to become a reality!!

In the next post: The Epic Browser- The name says it all!!
Stay tuned for more intel from the world of technology.


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