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Bing's social expansion

You read that right!! Just like it's contemporary Google, Microsoft's search engine has got a social makeover, this time social network integration!! Read On.....
No!! it's not a new website, but it's the same search engine with a better design and added functionality. The new search interface gives cleaner results, a tri-columnar design and of course deeper Facebook integration. Just like Google's Google+, the new Bing search engine comes with a social sidebar which gives updates about messages, notifications, and friend requests from the popular social networking website.

This new makeover might turn the odds in favor of the PC giant. But it's nothing great to overtake the search magnate Google.
Check out Bing's new interface here.

All the best Bing!!
In the next post:; Google planning to release a new breed of domain names!!
Stay tuned for more intel from the world of technology.


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