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The Samsung Galaxy SIII- Third Time's the Charm

It's here, Samsung's latest flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy SIII, sporting new bumped-up features and the latest technology. We'll see whether it truly is the successor of the Samsung Galaxy SII, a phone which stormed the market and put Samsung in front of the line.

Design- The Samsung Galaxy SIII has a lot of elements which are inspired by nature such as the smooth edges which actually resemble a pebble. It's really nice to hold and Samsung is done with textured back panels and has gone for a hyper-glaze finish which makes the phone a wee-bit shiny. You have the functional home key and the menu and back keys which are visible when the phone is on. There's a volume rocker on the left and 2 MP front facing camera at the front. At the back is your industry standard 8MP autofocus camera accompanied with an LED Flash.

Build Quality- Samsung still sticks to plastic, only this time it's the durable poly-carbonate which has been used. The device is very light and you might think that it can slip out of your hand any moment, but the poly-carbonate shell should be able to protect it from some minor bumps and falls.

Functionality- The SII made sure that we would remain plugged to it for a lot of time; the SIII takes this aspect to the 3rd level with a host of tricks up its sleeve(do phones have sleeves? I don't know). It's powered by a 1.4 GHz quad-core(woohoo!!) Cortex-A9 processor and runs on Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4. And I must say, it's really fluid in it's movement. The Web browser supports HTML and Adobe Flash. Web pages load quickly and scrolling is nearly effortless. A new feature in the SIII is Smart Stay and it uses the front facing camera to verify whether you're looking at it. If you're not, the screen automatically shuts off to save some power. This is really helpful if you're reading long articles and don't want to keep on touching the screen every now and then. Multi-tasking on the SIII is really appreciable; you can literally watch a streaming video while chatting with your friends effortlesly with the latest PopUp technology!! The call quality of the SIII is really good; the noise cancellation microphone prevents any external noise other than yours from being heard. The 2 MP camera at the front can shoot video at 720p@30fps, ideal for video calling. The 8 MP camera at the back does a great job in taking pics. Night shots are no problem as the LED flash illuminates dark areas well. It can shoot video at 1080p@30fps.

Pricing- New model, new specs and not to forget new price. I'll just tell you the price of the device straight away, and move on to the verdict. So here it is, $760(USD).

The Verdict- Overall, the Samsung Galaxy SIII has a really good potential in the market. As of now, 9 million pre-orders have already been made for the SIII. And why not, it's the latest phone featuring the latest technology and we are proud to call it the successor of the Samsung Galaxy SII.

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