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Is it really necessary to own a Mac?

So you've worked hard, and saved up some precious dough to buy your dream PC. Let me ask you, what would you like to adorn your work desk, a PC or a Mac? Let me take you inside the Mac and help you answer this challenging question.

The PC has been around for years, running on our trusty Microsoft Windows OS and its latest offering, entitled Windows 7 was a treat to use and simply admirable.
And now Apple, the world renowned cellphone and tablet PC manufacturer stepped in with their array of Macintosh desktops and laptops.

Starting with design, Macs are literally beauties to look at and there is virtually no extra clattered wiring. Compared to the Macs, PCs don't place much concern on design. And this brings us to the next parameter- Operating Systems.

Both the OSs are Unix based and can extensively personalised with a variety of wallpapers and skins. Personally, I feel the space themed OS X from Macintosh is really eye-catching, though it just stays that way. Also there are a few changes in the keyboard, such as the Command key instead of Control. The layout might not be the best for those who've been using Windows for quite some time. However, they are backlit, which helps if you work late at night. Basically it's a flower; attractive, but doesn't do anything extraordinary. Over that, applications for OS X are separately made and take up much more space compared to Windows applications.

Functionality wise, both are powered by the same hardware and there's not much to debate about that. However, a Mac enjoys the added functionality of on screen recording which can be very useful for desktop based videos.

And lastly, the price which I think decides whether a device gets picked or kicked. Macs cost a lot, I mean their models start from $1000(USD). You can get two PCs which function as well as one Mac. Plus, almost every major company recommends Windows and you get a variety of models to choose from, depending on your preference.

So I think you should spend your valuable dough on a 'high-end' PC rather than an over-priced Mac. If you think otherwise(no fanboys please), don't forget to leave a comment below.

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