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Convert your Non-Touch Windows 8 device into a stylus touch screen with Touch 8!!

So you've purchased a "non-touch" Windows 8 PC and hear your friends bragging about how awesome the OS is with the power of touch. Don't worry you, can still exploit the awesomeness of touch on a "non-touch" Windows 8 computer, thanks to this nifty stylus clip-on, Touch 8.
At a meager price of $80(USD), you can convert your non-touch Windows 8 computer into a full scale touch screen device. Windows 8 is best experienced with touch technology and Efun came up with this amazing solution for people on a budget who still want the "touch" experience.

In the box you have an infrared sensor clip-on which can be attached to the side of your PC and connected via USB 2.0 port. And then comes the all important stylus which when calibrated properly, transforms your ordinary screen into a two-point touch system. Neat!!

Touch 8 supports all kinds of gestures that you would perform with your hands on a Windows 8 touchscreen, instead with a stylus. Now you can play amazing games like Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds unrestricted by a mouse!!

The stylus is pretty comfortable to hold, easy to operate and registers all kinds of compatible gestures with ease. However, the brush-like tip might attract dust overtime, so it is recommended to clean it regularly with a small amount of water.

Check out how this awesome stylus works:

Now for some cons, Touch 8 supports screens which are only less than or equal to 15.6 inches. That means it can be used only on laptops since PC screens are way larger.
Also, unlike regular Windows 8 touch screens which give you 8 or 10 point multi-touch systems, Touch 8 gives you only 2-points and you CAN NOT use your fingers to operate the touchscreen.

Nevertheless, the Efun Touch 8 stylus helps you get the most out of your Windows 8 computer, and at that kind of price(80$!!), it's a steal!!
You can purchase the Efun Touch  8 Stylus at


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