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Unclutter your Facebook feed with FB Purity

The first thing you do when you log onto Facebook, is check your feed. Unfortunately due to too many page likes and connections, your feed becomes unorganized and you start wondering why you ever even thought of liking those random pages.
Ever saw that message where "X is now friends with Y" and you're like, "who gives a damn!!" Techngizmos is here to save you from your immensely cluttered feeds, with a nifty browser plugin called FB Purity!!

Contrary to what your thinking, FB Purity stands for "Fluff Busting Purity"(who would think of that name??!?!?). Nevertheless, once you download the plugin, which is compatible with all major browser(Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer), you can then log on to your Facebook.
When you access your feeds, you will have to refresh the browser page. The FB Purity button will appear above the status bar which will show you how many apps are blocked..

Once you click the FB Purity button, you will be offered a vast choice of options on what you want to show up on your feeds. This is the USP of this utility as it gives you total control on how you look at your Facebook. There's even a Donate button, if you feel that FB Purity has really helped unclutter your feeds.

Here's a little video that runs you through FB Purity and how to use it:

However, Facebook Inc. isn't too happy with Purity and is trying to lock it down. So I'd suggest you download the plugin ASAP to make Facebook show what YOU want to see.
So what are you waiting for? Download FB Purity at for cleaner Facebook feeds!!


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