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The Complete Intel Processor Guide

According to Moore's Law, the number of transistors on a chip are expected to double in every two years(approx.)
So you wanna buy a new PC or laptop and have no idea about what processor is good for you. Fear not for TechnGizmos presents the Complete Intel Processor Guide!!

I'm sure you're all familiar with terms like 2nd Gen, 3rd Gen, i5, i3, etc. and you have no idea what all that means. Every year, Intel introduces a new manufacturing process, i.e., a new method of fixing transistors onto chips to maximize efficiency, and speed up tasks. 

The 2nd Generation uses the 32 nano-meter manufacturing process whereas the 3rd Generation uses the 22 nano-meter process. When you can fit a higher number of transistors in the same space, you get a more powerful processor which can render tasks with greater efficiency. The 3rd Gens do cost a little more, but now with the coming of the 4th Gen Haswell, it would be wise to future-proof your computer with those extra few dollars!!


Now coming to the bizzareness of the i3, i5 and i7 processors, the basic point of difference of the 3 is the no. of cores!!

1. i3 is a Dual Core processor which comes with HyperThreading technology but no TurboBoost. Low Cost
2. i5 is a Quad Core with TurboBoost but lacks HyperThreading. Priced higher than i3.
3. i7 combines the best of both worlds with 6 cores, TurboBoost and HyperThreading!! Fabulously priced.

The i3's HyperThreading allows you to get two tasks solved at once, using  two parallel threads making multi-tasking a breeze!! This is great for everyday work and handles games on a low-medium setting. With it's low price tag, it's a steal.

With the i5, 3D Graphics can be rendered with greater detail as compared to an i3. And thanks to the TurboBost, you can overclock your processor in times of need. It can handle games from a medium to high scale.

When you talk about the i7, you're a hardcore gamer who doesn't want to compromise on graphics with ultra settings. With 6 cores and the technologies of both i5 and i3, the i7 is priced very high but it delivers as promised. 

So there you have it, our complete processor guide. Now you can walk into any tech store confidently and choose the processor that suits you the best for gaming, super-charged work or just everyday multi-tasking.

Not just Faster. Smarter!!


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