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Create your own Apps with Infinite Monkeys!!

You must have more than a dozen amazing applications on your Android or iOS device. Admit always wanted to make an app yourself and publish it for the rest of the world to admire. The big problem, as faced by everyone.....they don't want to waste time learning code!!
So what if a group of developers removed that ingredient and let nothing else come in between YOUR creativity and YOUR canvas.......That's what Infinite Monkeys is all about!!

You start of with a plane screen and now it's up to you to decide what your app's gonna look like, what will it do, and finally publish it. The best part about Infinite Monkeys is the part where you don't need to be a spectacled wiz-kid programmer to make an app....everything is cut out for you:


1. Just choose the OS you want your app too support.
2. Name your app and give it a specific function(like a calender, clock, messaging)
3. Create a simple User Interface with pre-installed designs and tools.

And Wallah!! Your app is ready for publishing. Here's a little video to help you out:

The great part about this app is that you can create apps on the major mobile platforms such as iOS, Android and HTML5 giving your creativity a "worldwide" exposure!!
The amount of potential of Infinite Monkeys is as amazing as the kind of applications that will be published. With ordinary people, unrestrained by millions of lines of code, we will truly be able to see the creativity of individuals who have a passion for app making...minus the code-breaking!!! And guess what? It's FREE!!

So what are you waiting for....this ain't no monkey business I tell Ya!!

Visit to get started on something APPtastic!!


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