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The HTC One X- Quietly Xcellent

I know you guys have been waiting for this review for a very long time and today your wish has been fulfilled.  
In this review, I'll be critically analyzing the HTC One X on the basis of design, build quality, functionality and pricing after which I'll also be giving a final verdict.

Design- The HTC One X externally, is a beauty to watch. It sports a large 4.7 inch IPS capacitive touchscreen with the latest Super LCD 2 technology designed to give better visuals even in the widest viewing angles. At the bottom are three capacitive buttons, namely Back, Home and Menu. You have a volume rocker on the right and a dedicated power button on the top. There's a 1.3 MP camera on the front and a protruding 8 MP autofocus camera with LED flash at the back. At the bottom of the back is the cool beats audio speaker grill.

Build Quality- This time it's not premium brushed aluminium protecting the One X. HTC used strong and durable polycarbonate plastic which feels amazing to the touch, and helps in easy gripping. Over that, Corning Gorilla glass protects the screen. Virtually, the One X is a tank which you can hold in your hands. However, it can't fire shells, but it definitely packs some firepower inside.

Functionality- The HTC One X is powered by a 1.5 quad-core Nvidia Tegra 3 processor. That's right, it's the first quad-core in the market!! It runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and the HTC Sense UI which is much more SIMPLER than previous versions of the user interface. You can easily customize the One X with a variety of widgets, themes and skins. However, the One X has some shortcoming too. We thought that typing on the on-screen keyboard would be a joy; but we were disappointed to see its poor layout. Four extra keys which are used to navigate through letters in text(for editing)seemed to eat up a lot of space. This might make texting tough for people with big hands. The web browser is a disaster, pages take a lot of time to load and if you double tap to zoom in fine text, the screen blinks and random bookmarking options appear. It seems that the quad-core processor of the device is great, only in name. The 1.3 MP camera at the front can shoot video at 720p. The 8 MP camera at the back is equipped with Image Sense technology and can shoot pictures like D-SLR. It can record video at 1080p@25fps and shoot pictures at the same time, i.e., you don't have to switch between camera modes as both buttons are present on the same screen. The input from HTC looks great, but the output received by consumers doesn't share the same fate. Pictures are just passable, and  under low-light, the LED flash just looks like a piece of decoration.

Pricing- The HTC One X comes with a royal price tag of $610(USD). At first, we didn't care much about the price; it's a premium smartphone, it's got the latest features, it's got all the rights to be priced that high. But as we delved deeper, we found out that the only good thing that HTC gave us was a quad-core.

The Verdict- Overall, we were really impressed with the HTC One X when it comes to design, choice of materials and the quad-core processor. But that's where it all ends; the poorly spaced keyboard, the random blinking browser and the not so great camera ruin what could have been one of the best smartphones to date. HTC should have taken some time to clean up those small places, for a big difference. You can buy the One X on contract with various mobile carriers for a lesser price and give it a try, because the only thing that makes the One X future-proof is the quad-core processor. If you want the quad-core along with a host of better features, you should definitely go for the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Hope this review was resourceful and helps you buy your HTC One X. If you would like to purchase the HTC One X right away, you can buy it through our 100% safe Amazon and Flipkart portals.



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