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Really slick tablets? Or ultra-powerful Ultrabooks?- Hybrids from Asus ready to hit your home

Is this device a laptop, or a tablet? Should we say, the best of both worlds? What's Asus up to this time? Read on to know more about this and more amazing hybrid "Ultratabs" coming out this year from the Taiwanese computer giant......

Is the Asus Taichi a laptop, or a tablet? Should we say, the best of both worlds? When closed it functions like a tablet with a full touchscreen,and that's just the lid.When open it doubles up as a laptop, with a full backlit Qwerty keyboard and trackpad. Talk about hybrid electronics!!!

It's an interesting twist on the tablet-cum-laptop idea, eschewing the detachable keyboard feature usually found on such devices -- though Asus has some new models of those too.
The second screen isn't just a token effort either. It's the same 11.6-inch IPS panel as the laptop display, so there's been no scrimping going on. To activate the second screen, just close the lid, press the Windows button, and you're off in tablet mode. It'll support a stylus too, so you can get sketching works of arts, or just doodling clouds if you like.
You can even use both screens at once, so you and a friend can work or play at the same time. It'll be like a digital version of Battleship, minus the battle and ships!!
 It runs Windows 8 in both modes, which will give us an insight into how the OS works across both tablets and laptops. For the ultrabook mode, it's Windows 8 whereas Windows RT(the tablet optimized Windows 8) steers the tablet mode.
Inside are Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7 processors, 4GB RAM, and SSD storage. It'll come in the aforementioned 11.6-inch size, but a 13.3-incher will also be available.
With all this extra functionality, it's pleasantly surprising and definitely impressive to see that the Taichi will be as slim and light as the Zenbook range.
If you prefer the detachable keyboard, meanwhile, Asus has also announced the Transformer Books range, which will double up as a tablet by being freed from its Qwerty. Basically, it's a Windows 8 version of the Transformer Prime. It'll come in 11.6-, 13- and 14-inch varieties, with 4GB RAM, and Intel Core i7 processors.

In all this commotion of Tabtops and Transformers, Asus also announced the Asus Tablet 600, which is a laptop-cum-tablet with detachable Qwerty that runs Windows RT, meaning it can run Windows 8. The Tablet 600 features a 10.1-inch 1,366x768-pixel touchscreen, as well as a 2-megapixel front-facing camera, and a beefier 8-megapixel snapper on the back.

Looks like Asus might have the edge in the hybrid electronics market and if these babies are priced decently, we might be entering the era of the Ultratab!!!  Who wouldn't love to experience the touch of a tablet and the functionality of an ultrabook in one device? 


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