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The Google Nexus 7- The best budget tablet that will make the iPad obsolete....hopefully!!

And I'm not joking!! The spec sheet of the Google Nexus 7 is so good that the it has the potential to displace the iPad from the A-list. Read on to know more about the Google Nexus 7, the best budget tablet to date......

Design- Pretty nice I must say; not too loud, not too safe. Google's 'button-less' operation, ensures that no physical keys are present on the body. It sports a 7-inch LED-backlit IPS LCD touchscreen with a juicy 1280x800 pixel screen resolution. It's a unibody, which is a bit of a disappointment considering that there's no expandable memory and no replaceable battery. Another disappointment, no back camera!!! However, there is a front-facing camera.

On the left side of the tab is a dedicated power button and a dedicated screen lock which provide good tactile feedback. You might be wondering, which company manufactured the Nexus 7, right? Well surprise, surprise, it's Asus!! Don't believe me? Look at the back of the Google Nexus 7. There it is; did you spot it?

Build Quality- Nothing much to say about the Google Nexus 7's build. It's like any Android based tablet- plasticky. The textured back makes it nice and easy to hold. The plastic acts a shock-absorber and can take some minor bumps and drops. The screen is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass.

Functionality- Now, you might be thinking by now that the Google Nexus 7 isn't really great. But you're mistaken, because this tab wouldn't have been featured on TechnGizmos, unless it had something special. And I'm going to show you how special the Google Nexus 7 is.

It's a QUAD-CORE!! Yes you read that right and to be more specific, it's a 1.3 GHz Nvidia Tegra 3; now that's a mouthful of awesomness!! And you know what OS it's running on..............Android's latest Jellybean 4.1. You already must be knowing how awesome this new OS from Google is(if you don't click here). Over that, you get 1 GB on board user RAM and a 12-core subsystem dedicated for graphics(the iPad has only four)!!! That means you can play 'high- graphic demanding' games with no sweat with the Google Nexus 7. The best thing on board the Nexus 7 is, undoubtedly, the OS, Android Jellybean. It just polishes the shortcomings of ICS(Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich) and adds a personality of its own. With Project Butter, EVERYTHING on the Nexus 7 is top notch. Apps load up quickly and the internet browser literally 'flies'!!! 

Google Now, the Personal Digital Assistant from Google can put Apple's SIRI and Samsung's SVoice to shame. You get search results in the blink of an eye and data is presented in a neat, uncluttered 'card-like' manner. The front-facing camera is great Google+ hangouts. Google+ is already pre-installed in Jellybean and you don't have to download the app from the Play Store!! At your disposal is NFC support and Google Wallet. You can also sync and share media content effortlessly via the Nexus Q.

The downside of the Nexus 7 is that it comes in only two variants- 8 GB and 16 GB and it lacks a rear-facing camera. And the fact that it can't support micro-sim cards for calling might give the upper edge to the iPad. But what's about to come is something that will bring the iPad to its knees before the Google Nexus 7.

Price- TechnGizmos is very proud to announce that the Google Nexus comes at a price of just $199(USD)!!! for the 8 GB version and $249(USD) for the 16 GB version. The price of the Nexus 7 is something that Apple won't be able to beat, even if it tried to. The Google Nexus 7 'kills' the Amazon Kindle Fire brutally as both tabs are priced the same!!

  • 7-inch LED-backlit IPS LCD touchscreen 
  • 1280x800 screen resolution
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1.3 GHz Quad-core processor
  • Android Jellybean 4.1
  • 12-core Nvidia GPU
  • Google Now Personal Digital Assistant
  • Price: $199(8 GB) / $249(16 GB) 
  • TnG rating: 4.5/5
The Verdict- The Google Nexus 7 has what it takes to beat the iPad and with that killer price of $199, the odds tip in Google's favor. Neglecting the limited storage, the absence of a rear-facing camera, this is one tab that you have to make your own. Kudos to Google and Asus for their Nexus 7 tablet computer.


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