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Windows 8- Could this be Microsoft's best OS offering yet after Windows 7?

Seriously, there just can't be a OS as advanced as Windows 7. Even Mac OS X was rendered useless(well, at least the OS part was). With the odds favoring Microsoft, it might have to play one last card to establish OS supremacy. And this time, they've decided to play their Ace, Windows 8. Read On to see what Microsoft holds for its consumers.....
If you think that Windows 8 is coming out only for the PC, you're mistaken because Windows 8 is coming in three versions for three distinct platforms- PCs, tablets and smartphones and this post will cover all of the goodies ready to amaze us this October.

Windows 8 for PC

Take a good look at the start screen of a Windows 8 desktop preview. Looks familiar? Of course!!! You saw that similar layout in the Nokia Lumia and the HTC Titan. As identical as it may seem, don't forget that the two smartphones run on Windows Phone 7.5(oddly entitled as 'Mango'). 

What you see here is the same Metro UI, with a lot of added functionality. Now programs won't be termed as programs anymore; they are apps. And Windows 8 has a whole marketplace to showcase them.The Metro UI always keeps you updated with notifications on social networks and messages from the ones dear to you. And if you think the system is going to function like a turtle, it's fast, very fast; even with the live tiles, it's very fast and it makes the overall Windows experience enjoyable.

Where's the start button? Let's just say Microsoft did away with it. Well you won't actually be able to see it right in your face. You have to access charms which can be accomplished by swiping the screen. There you go, the Start button. Along with that you have new buttons such as share, search, devices and settings. All this is tucked away from your eyes, so that you don't get distracted with the unnecessary elements of Windows. It's an OS with a difference......

Windows 8 for tablets

It's pretty much the same as the PC version; only this time, the OS is optimized for mobile devices, preferably tablets. If there's anything different, it's in the name- Windows RT where RT is short for RunTime. It's the engine that powers Metro apps on tablets. 

What are Metro apps? You see, not all devices will be able to run high-end, heavy applications(because of their lower frequency processors) as the PC version. So Microsoft decided to make a sub-OS which can run less-demanding apps and those apps are called Metro apps. Needless to say, they won't crib the amazing Windows 8 experience. Windows RT will come pre-installed in all Windows Slates and a star attraction showcasing it will be the Microsoft Surface.

Windows Phone 8

You know why Windows Phone 7.5 was dumb(and not to forget inches close to destroying Microsoft's brand value)? The answer- The black bar to the left. It almost felt like it ate up the entire screen. Adding to that, a few glitches and 'limited' customization made Mango a no-go.
But this time Microsoft has learnt its lesson and implemented them into Windows Phone 8. No more black bar, no more glitches, it's Windows Phone at its best.

So what's new? Well, obviously it's the disappearance of the black bar. And now, your homescreen is no more restricted to those monotonous square tiles; you can RESIZE the tiles to your preference and maintain the cool Metro layout. Big or small, there's always place on Windows Phone 8. And as usual, they're live, always updating you with missed calls, messages, notifications and you can also keep track on the people most dear to you.
You have NFC communication through which you can perform 'Touch to Share' activities. Windows Phone 8 comes with an in-built Wallet with which you can make your payments without using a real wallet(pretty much like Passbook on iOS6 and Google Wallet). Payments can be made via NFC.
Windows Phone 8 'cleans up' the mess made by Mango and I must say, it's 'squeaky clean'.

The Upside of Windows 8
  • Support for Native Coding- That means amazing games and apps from the market place!!
  • A personal wallet(finally!!)
  • NFC communication
  • BitLocker Drive Encryption- Makes Windows virtually 'hack-proof'
  • Anti-phishing encryption: Takes you to sites with verified landing pages
  • Internet Explorer 10- Microsoft's latest and most advanced internet browser
For the PC, Windows 7 users can upgrade to Windows 8 for a rock-bottom price of $39.99(USD)!!

The Downside

Nothing much for the PC and Tablet versions. But for Windows Phone 7.5 users, I have bad news. You won't be able to update your device to Windows Phone 8, but a mini upgrade called Windows Phone 7.8.
You have the cool Metro UI and resizable widgets, but not the long list of other thing mentioned above. Sorry, but the Mango season is over.....

After all this, you must be waiting to know when Windows 8 will hit the market, right? Don't worry, just wait for this October, because Microsoft is planning to release its OS on all platforms in the same month, on the same day. And who else is invited to the 2012 OS party? Our friends iOS6 and  Android Jellybean!! The Ultimate showdown is yet to come.....
Watch the Windows 8 release preview, right here. Enjoy!!

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