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CityMobil- Driverless cars, ready to knock at your driveway!!

Ever imagined how amazing it would be if your car could come straight from your home to pick you up after a long stressful day of work? That too without a driver!!!! Well, you have a reason to smile because City Mobil aims to bring you that luxury. Read on to know more about these "driverless" cars.....
That sounded like it jumped out of a science-fiction movie. Let me tell you, it's not fiction, but there's a ton of science and technical mumbo-jumbo going on inside a CityMobil car. Yet it's not rocket science; the principles behind CityMobil are simple and the output is very futuristic.

First, two cameras mounted at the top of the windshield act as eyes of the vehicle, which aren't of much use, other than research for designers.
The real technology lies in the laser sensor technology. And this ain't your 'laser-pen' sort of laser. It's advanced tech which can sense changes in its surroundings in fractions of a second.
So here's how it works. You send your coordinates to the car via a smartphone. The car gets the message and tracks you through GPS. Then here's the magic; the car drives, on its OWN!!! No human assistance, whatsoever!!
Ok, so it can drive. What if some obstruction(let's say a human crossing a road) comes right in front of the car? Oops, that would be messy, right? Not at all, because the lasers step in. As I said earlier, the lasers can sense changes in their surroundings in fractions of a second. This split-second reaction will sense the human right in front of the car and will apply the brakes. It's cool and safe at the same time!! This can drastically reduce deaths due to collisions and human error is ruled out, entirely.

And through it's in built turn-by-turn navigator and GPS, your CityMobil car will reach you in one piece and bring you home in one piece too!!!
CityMobil gives us an insight into what future commuting will be like. CityMobil can also be used in public transport, and that means no more mean, brash-talking drivers. You can enjoy your time being amazed on how the steering wheel turns itself driving you safely towards your destination!!!

However, CityMobil might not be the best option for crowded roads. You can't trust a few set of lasers with your life. Nevertheless, it's Cool Technology which will soon become a revelation. 
I've been thinking though, with CityMobil around and with no need for human drivers, thinking of a career in the transport industry might not be such a good idea!!!

CityMobil is going through some test runs in Europe and will soon get the green signal to make your driving, 'hands-free'!!

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