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Nike+ Fuel- Keep track of the time and your fitness too!!

Alert to all fitness freaks- if you ever wanted to keep track of how many calories you've lost without the need to carry a huge weighing scale, then a this amazing piece of tech will help. And it's from your all time trusted sports partner-Nike!! Read on to know what this amazing fuel band can do.....
Well, the Nike+ Fuel band comes packed with style and a lot of functionality and might as well become a milestone in the field of fitness.

How does it work?

The Nike+ Fuel band comes with a sport tested 3-axis accelerometer which is capable of not only keeping track of how many calories you've burnt, but also the number of steps you've taken throughout a particular day!! It also comes with an ambient light sensor which can change the brightness of the display depending on the existing brightness in your surroundings.
The display comes with a 100 tiny white LEDs and the progress bar below comes with 20 colored LEDs. You can switch between the time, calories and steps taken just by pressing the button next to the display.

How it will help you?

The Nike+ Fuel band has a USB cable in-built which can be seen by splitting the metallic clasp. Let's say you've purchased the band and want to start using it right away, you must first download the Nike+ Connect software(click the link to do so). Connect your band to your computer via the USB. You can then set a goal which you have to complete and the software will send that goal to the watch. In the beginning the progress bar is red; but as you inch further towards your goal, the LEDs light up become green. Once you've accomplished your goal.......Hooray!! You can keep track on the calories you lost just by clicking the button next to the display.
Like this, you can set goals everyday and you'll be sure to complete them; say bye bye to false commitments!

At the end you're rewarded fuel points, everytime you connect the band to your computer and the Nike+ Connect software. You can get a lot of statistics with the software which can help you decide your daily fitness regime.

Want to flaunt you're "little-big" victory? Nike+ Connect gives you a social platform to brag about your fuel points and talk with your workout mates. It's fitness that doesn't go unnoticed!!

And don't worry about the battery of the Nike+ Fuel band. On a single charge your band will be able to last for 4 whole days. Pretty cool,eh?

The Nike+ Fuel band looks great and comes loaded with a lot of tech inside. If there was one thing which we were disappointed about, it was the price. Call me crazy, but I would rather buy the Nexus 7 tab . The $229(USD) price tag might turn heads away from this amazing fitness band. It comes in small, medium and large variants.

Nevertheless, the Nike+ Fuel band is an amazing gizmo to keep track of your fitness and if Nike tunes down the price, one day, you'll be running with your own Nike+ Fuel band along with a billion others.

If you would like to purchase the Nike+ Fuel band, you can purchase it right away through our 100% safe Amazon portals .
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