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We Are Back in Black(berry)!!!

It's been almost half a year since TechnGizmos updated itself. We apologize for any inconvenience caused and now we will resume serving you technology at its best.
The Year 2013 has a lot in store for you tech-lovers. We begin today with the new OS entry from Blackberry, BB10. After an amazing press release in New York, we just couldn't wait to get our hands on this juicy upgrade.

The Blackberry 10 Operating System developed by Research in Motion gives a completely new dimension to the company's outlook on a modern smartphone interface. The new OS bundles a smarter, peppier and more interactive user interface with clean design and the strong social integration of its predecessors.
Here's a lowdown on what makes BB10 lure your wallet:

1. Multitasking

What seemed to be impossible in previous versions of BB OS due to under-powered processors is finally possible. Blackberry patrons can finally enjoy the comfort of swiping through apps with a variety of unique gestures(like the J-hook, which allows you to view notifications while using an app). RIM's proprietary FLOW technology allows you to seamlessly multitask without any noticeable strain in the performance.

2. Blackberry Balance

They say a Blackberry is a true business-oriented smartphone. But now RIM has changed this belief by balancing work and life on the same platform. Blackberry Balance allows you to store personal and office information in separate memory blocks in the device, thus de-cluttering(if you will) streams of various contacts, memos, appointments, etc. Truly Work-Life oriented  

3. Time Shift Camera

Finally burst-mode has made its way into BB10!! You can take multiple photos at one go and later customize and fix irregularities such as closed eyes. This will surely pull more users towards Blackberries considering the shooters themselves are receiving major upgrades to 13 Megapixels.....Yumm!!

4. The Blackberry Hub

It's the hub that has given Blackberry its fame. An instant notification center where you can receive and send messages to all your contacts in Facebook, Twitter, BBM and LinkedIn, all from a single window. The interface has become cleaner and easier to use. For the social bug, it doesn't get better than this.

5. Virtual Keyboard

Gone are those days when you could only see physical keyboards on Blackberries. No, RIM isn't removing them completely, rather it is fusing touch and type technologies together.....something tried by Nokia not to long ago and.....well you know what happened after that. Well it all depends on execution and BB10 keyboard did leave us impressed. Given that the devices supporting the OS have large screens, the keyboard will be a treat to use. The keyboard actually "thinks" about the next letter you're going to press using contextual information. That's the Berry on the Cake!!!

6. Android Compatibility?!?!

Believe it or not, BB10 is wired to make some Android apps usable on the interface. This means that, with the passage of time and development, every single "non-android" device will be able to run android apps!!! Sounds like an oxymoron, yet it'll be exciting to play something else other than Angry Birds!!!

Blackberry looks like its out take a decent chunk of market share from rivals. The above propositions look impressive, but there are always some cracks in the armor. We can only see the true power of Blackberry 10 OS with some solid devices in our hands. 
And like Santa, Blackberry heard us and not one, but TWO devices will be released in the market:
The Z10 packing a nice 4.2 inch touch screen and a dual-core processor while the Q10 bundling the new touch screen with the classic Blackberry physical keyboard.

We''l keep a lookout for these devices and keep you posted on how Blackberry can improve its odds in this mega competitive industry!! Tech Care!!


Hey dude, the last post was posted on micromax a110 on 6-2-2013 , how does a month become an half year to you?

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