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Rise of Nations Gold- The Best RTS ever (Download)

It's been a decade since this game was launched by Microsoft Gaming Studios and Big Huge Games. Yet it still remains the undisputed King of Real Time Strategy Games- Rise of Nations.
You control a nation with a specific set of powers o build up a nation and conquer your enemy's nation using diplomacy, economic or military might!! It's that simple....yet it requires a lot of strategy, time management, and quick thinking(in case you get into a soup!!).
Rise of Nations Gold is a bundle pack of the Original Rise of Nations along with the Thrones and Patriots expansion including new "Conquer the World" campaigns and new Nations(such as the Americans, Dutch, Indians, Persians, Lakota, etc.). Basically, it adds a ton of action to something that's already brilliant!!
Here are some enticing screenshots that will give you an idea of the awesomeness you're in for:


Impressed? Well you should be...for now I give you the Download Links!!

RoN Gold ISO(1.02 GB):

The above file is an ISO make sure you have Daemon Tools Lite to mount the files on a Virtual Drive(if not, click the link)
And you also need BitTorrent to download the files.

Enjoy the Game and please Seed after Downloading!!!


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