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Measure your online reputation with Klout

Ahh...the world we live in today- Update your status, tweet about it and receive likes and followers or a +1 in return.
Where social structure forms the basis of today's society, Klout is an application which ranks you based directly on how popular you are online!!

It's simple- Just log on to, connect all your social networking accounts(like FB, Twitter, Google+, etc.), give some time so that the site can assemble everything about you online.....and wallah!! You get your popularity score out of 100 along with a title which tells you more about your online nature. 

Getting a Klout score of 100 is down-right not the thing you'd wanna waste your time on.....but just so you know; the only person who has scored a 100 on Klout is......believe it or not- Justin Bieber o_O!!!

What's interesting about Klout is that you can add famous personalities who influence you.You can also add your friends, look at their scores and brag about yours on your Wall. Plus with every accepted invite, your Klout score increases!!! It's a really interesting utility and you should give it a try!!

So what you're waiting for, measure your influence at!!


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