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HTC One X vs Samsung Galaxy SIII- Battle of the Quads!!

It's a battle between two of the hottest picks in the smartphone market. Boasting the latest processing technology, guaranteeing you twice the pleasure of your regular dual-cores; this is one matchup you shouldn't miss....
Both phones look stunning, there's no doubt about that. The SIII's design is a bit too safe, though the hyperglaze coating makes it shine like a star. The unibody design of the One X prevents internal customization of batteries and memory is restricted to whatever is inbuilt. The SIII wins in this aspect with a high inbuilt storage as well as the ability to support SD cards.

Let's take a look inside. The Super AMOLED screen beats the Super LCD of the One X, giving deeper colors and sharper visuals. However, we felt that HTCs new Sense UI was much more 'simpler' to use and play with. Both run on Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 and quad-core processors hum within transferring data at really high speeds, making multi-tasking a breeze. The web browser of the One X is a bit of a disappointment with random bookmarking options appearing every time you zoom in. Both support HTML and Adobe Flash, so you don't miss out on the PC user experience. The SIII boasts new technology such as Smart Stay, S Voice and PopUp which enhances the user experience and gives it the edge.

Coming to the camera, HTC has put in style without quality. Pictures aren't really outstanding and night shots are a one way ticket to humility. The SIII on the other hand, gives some really good quality snaps with a nice amount of colors, detail and a variety of settings.

If you're the kind of guy who loves watching movies, videos and other multimedia content, look no further because the SIII can play video at 1080p(FullHD, the industry standard), faring much better than HTCs offering. The One X's 1800 mAH battery gives it only 12 hours on a full charge while the SIII manages an amazing 16 hours on a single charge!!!
Price wise, the SIII cost a $10-15(USD) more than the One X.

Sorry HTC, but this time the Samsung Galaxy SIII emerges victorious. If you want to flaunt the latest technology, the best mobile camera and a brand name, do it with the Samsung Galaxy SIII. It's the best Android Quad-core Smartphone to date. Sure it's a tad bit expensive, but if you're already going to spend 600 dollars on the One X, what's the big deal in stretching your budget a bit to get the best?

For detailed reviews on both the Quads, click the links- One X and the SIII.

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