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10 reasons why the iPhone sucks.........BIGTIME!!

If the title itself didn't feel like a stab to those iFan chests, then what you'll see will definitely shed light on what is a actually a hyped up piece of jewelry. So, if you love Apple and most of all the iPhone, don't read this post. For my Android're finally going to realize that your decision to go for Android really payed off. Read On....
Okay, hopefully you own an Android or may have been in the dilemma at least once on which smartphone you must purchase. Inevitably, the iPhone has made it's place in your mind, clouding your decision making ability on which phone to go for. I'm here to clear the fog for you and spite the dreaded fruit we all know as the Apple iPhone!!!

Starting with design, yeah looks can be deceiving. Behind the glass-aluminium unibody lie some untold secrets, waiting to be............well, told!!:

1. It's glass in your hands!! Handle with care!! Drop the iPhone and what you get in return is iShards(of glass). It's choice of materials may be premium; however, they aren't safe. Covers might suffice for the back, but the screen's always exposed.

2. Overuse is painful; trust me it is. Due to vast amounts of data travelling through the phone's system, the iPhone(or any phone for that matter) heats up. This heat is transferred through conduction(thanks to the aluminium). And that heat reaches your hands. And I don't think I have to explain what happens when heat comes in contact with your skin.

3. The unibody might cut down material usage costs and makes the phone sturdy. However, have you ever thought about what you would do if the battery just stopped working(due to whatever reason)? Well, unless it's under the warranty period(where you're phone gets replaced), you're locked out from the phone's hardware. Due to this memory is limited to what's on board. No SD card slot. What a shame!!

4. The SIM card slot is a pain to pry open. If you have used an iPhone before, you will definitely agree with me.

Now let's take a look at the worms inside the Apple, internal hardware:

5. iOS 5, the celebrity. What can it really do. It doesn't support widgets, you don't have connectivity to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter(unless you download the dedicated apps). The interface is too basic to be attractive. The phrase 'sweet and simple' doesn't fit for iOS. Other features like iCloud may just look great, but the downside-you need to have other Apple products to make the most use out of it. And looking at the present day prices of other Apples, I'd stick to my dear Android.

Thank you Android for your valuable information.

6. The Battery. Long Lasting. That's what they said. Well compared to the other high-end devices, I think otherwise. 9 hours on heavy usage? And by heavy, I mean browsing, social networking and downloading apps. That's it!! You get some devices with 13-14 hours!! Plus, I wouldn't recommend heavy usage while on low battery. A really bad consequence is battery damage(which is the worst thing that can happen if you're out if the warranty period, courtesy: unibody design).

7. The signal reception; par horrible. Well if it isn't that, then it's enough to make you call experience not the best. And that all thanks to the aluminium bands around the phone which block the radio waves. So much for a style statement.

8. Applications. Why Apple? Why can't you allow third party applications to run on your beautiful, yet stupid iPhone?!?!? It would do you good as it's done to Google's Android(thumbs up). You can't transfer music, photos or videos without iTunes which isn't the best software around. There are much better apps waiting to better the user experience but, you know Apple; they're like......."Market only what's ours!!!"

9. The screen. Great resolution? Think again because it's not future-proof enough. With new technology such as Super AMOLED and Super LCD coming up which give juicier colors and sharper visuals, the iPhone's LCD is pretty much outdated already.

And finally, the biggest deciding factor of all time: PRICE

10. Well iPhone, if you were decently priced, we wouldn't have made fun of you in the first place. You get the good stuff at a price but at the price you sport, you're not good at all.

Moral of the story: Spend you're hard earned dough on anything else but an iPhone, because it's more like buying a delicate antique piece. An iPhone will make a good curio in the years to come.
And just before you think that I'm some sort of fanboy, well I'm not. I've just given you the shortcomings of an iPhone and nothing else, plain and simple. It may have been a 'BIT' rude, but it wasn't not intentional. I'm just a guy who wants to help you know what's the best device you can put your money on and the iPhone simply isn't on my list.

In the next post: Browse the internet without an internet connection!!


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