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Learn how a computer works........right down to the Motherboard

The world basically runs on computers. Without them, we would still be living in the Stone Age,  playing with rocks and fire. How do these marvelous machines work to make our daily tasks......a lot more easier? If you're thinking about the same thing, then you're in the right place and I've got a book that will answer all your questions on How Computers Work....
Note: This book isn't for the average Joe who just wants to know 'a wee-bit about computers. This book means serious business.

There you have it, the working of a computer, right from the keyboard, down to the motherboard. It's all there. Packed with amazing illustrations and detailed information; this is the best book to get on how a computer works.

And not to forget the work from the authors side. A job well done in compiling enlightening information. Plus that, the $22(USD) price tag makes it even more irresistible to purchase. If your into computers and really want to know how they work in superfine detail, you have to get this book. Who knows, maybe you might use the knowledge acquired to make your own computer!!!

If you would like to purchase How Computers Work by Ron White, you can purchase it right away through our 100% safe Flipkart or amazon portals.


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