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The Apple iPhone 4s- An Apple a day keeps the rivals at bay


Technically this gift from Apple Inc. to the world is by far the most sought after phone in the the cellular market. 
In this review I will be critically analyzing   all the aspects of the phone based on design, build quality, functionality and pricing after which I'll be giving a final verdict.

Design- Prior to the release of the iPhone 4 earlier hosting a multitude of changes in design, the 4s is like a twin brother.You have the famous sleek look, a 3.5 inch multi-touch display and glass sandwiching the phone and the metal band with a few more notches for better signal reception. The screen has an oleophobic coating which basically prevents smudge marks or fingerprints from sticking to the screen. All the buttons are there where they are supposed to be and it wouldn't be an iPhone without the signature home button. The phone has a uni-body construction, i.e., a single piece construction with no back panel.

Build Quality- There is nothing much to be said on the build quality as it is compromise for the sleek looks. Everyone likes a phone which can withstand bumps and falls; the iPhone 4s clearly fails in this area. Glass is obviously not as strong as plastic which is used by other companies like Samsung and Nokia. We actually performed a drop test on the 4s and it didn't look much like an iPhone afterwards.

Functionality- The iPhone 4s sports the new iOS 5 and and the 1GHz dual-core A5 chip set, the screen functions smoothly thanks to the capacitive  touchscreen. You can watch streaming Youtube videos and we observed no lag whatsoever while chatting on FaceTime . The camera of the iPhone 4s comes well equipped with 8 megapixels resolution and an led flash which gives a good amount of light in dark areas. It also features iCloud which is pretty much useless unless you have more Apple devices. you also have the coveted App Store from which you can download millions of applications. The 4s also features a Voice assistant by the code name Siri which is quite interactive with the user and we must say, IT(can't really call it a male or female,though it sounds more feminine) KNOWS what to talk about.Try asking IT if it likes'll be surprised.

Pricing- The iPhone 4s comes with a premium pricing thanks to all the sleek looks and the Apple Inc. name tag. However, you can always buy the phone on contract with various carriers such as Verizon, at&t mobile or Sprint. One must not back down from buying this phone just because of the price tag .

The Verdict- Overall, the sleek design coupled with the powerful 1 GHz processor and iOS 5 with a few shortcomings such as build quality and pricing at $900(16 GB), $1030(32 GB) and $1120(64 GB), I'll still never get tired of saying that.................If you don't have an iPhone, well you don't have an iPhone.

Hope this review was resourceful and helps you in buying your Apple iPhone 4s.If you would like to purchase the iPhone 4s(16 GB) right away, you can buy it through our 100% safe Amazon portal.

Note: Prices quoted above are subject to change due to the depreciating value of electronic items.

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