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Leap Motion- One small step for man, a giant LEAP for the PC at just $70!!


First came the old clanky computers which were as huge as Fort Knox. Then came the personal computers which broke the barriers of human capability and now, we live in the age of the touchscreesns. In all the hustle of the latest technological advancement, I found this amazing gizmo, through which you can operate your PC without touching it!!!! Touch-free technology, is HERE!!! Read On.....
Amazed aren't you. Well you should be and this is what Leap Motion looks like:

Sleek, compact and packed with technology that will send the smartphone crying for its mom, Leap motion really has some great prospects in today's market. It uses sensor based technology to well..........sense the movements of your hands and  carries out tasks accordingly.

Well, in the age of the touchscreen, the 'touch-free' seems to have made it's dramatic entry!! And this time, it LEAPed before it looked and that has payed off in impressing us.

And you know what? It's totally lag-free!!! It can sense commands even from the fastest hands in the world.

What does it allow you to do? Watch this short video to find out:

Now that looks like something from Tony Stark's office.Simply AMAZING!!! Especially the games!!!

If you think it's made only for the Mac, then think again because Leap Motion will be released for both Macs and PCs!!!

It's small form factor makes it easy to carry anywhere and easy to sync wirelessly to any computer within a decent vicinity. Maps, apps, games, graphics, virtual reality, you name it, Leap Motion can do it.

Let's talk numbers, how much do you think Leap Motion would cost? I mean it's futuristic tech, it won't be available to all. State your price-500 dollars? 300 dollars? 200? 100. You might want to get running, because Leap Motion comes for an outstanding price of just $70(USD)!!!!

Leap motion really gives you an insight on what tech will be like in the future and I'm very proud of the fact that man is only limited by his imagination to innovate!!!

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