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10 of Batman's best gadgets and gizmos!!

After watching the Dark Knight Rises, I was amazed by the slew of gadgets dawned by the caped crusader. From the simple grapple gun to the humongous BatWing, here's 10 of best in batman's cool arsenal, ever-ready to help him save the city of Gotham. RISE......

1. The Batarang

This gizmo has been there ever since the beginning. As simple as it may seem, the batarang is batman's best bet against those who make his job difficult. Like a deadlier version of the boomerang, the batarang is a single piece of metal which when thrown returns to the bearer. It comes in various versions too. One can emit sonic waves(like a bat) and another can be remote controlled to get around tight corners!!

2. The Grapple Gun

Batman can't fly, but he can gain altitude with the grapple gun after which he can glide his way to the action. Other than assisting him in gaining altitude, the grapple gun also helps in disarming ruthless criminals of their weapons. It might seem unfair, but hey, everything's fair in love and crime fighting!!!

3. The BatMobile

Many claim that it's a modified Lamborghini; well it sure looks better than one. Within the BatMobile also rests the BatPod(Batman's motorbike) which is hidden in the left-front wheel. The BatMobile is the Batman's most teched out gizmo loaded with machine guns, rocket launchers, anti-burst tires, smoke bombs, GPS and military-grade armor plating!! Oh, and it also comes with cup holders!!!

4. The BatPod

"I've got to get me one of these!!!" That must have been your first thought when the BatPod made its debut in The Dark Knight. The BatPod is the coolest Batman gadget till date with 15-inch tires and canons with massive firepower. What's really cool about the BatPod is that it is steered by the shoulders and not the hands. When the Pod is turned, the wheels make an entire 360-degree turn in the direction of the driver's wishes!!

5. Electric Rifle

Featured in The Dark Knight Rises and the Arkham City videogame, the electric rifle sends out an electric charge which can stun enemies and disrupt the functioning of "electricity run" devices. Nothing like frying your enemies with a bit of current!!

6. Explosive Gel

You must have definitely come across this in Arkham Asylum and Arkham City videogames. The gel can be sprayed on structurally weak surfaces and can be detonated from a safe distance. It can also be used in knocking down potentially dangerous inmates. 

7. The Cryptographic Sequencer

I made a few errors while typing that the first time. It may sound like geek stuff and with all respect, it is. The Arkham Asylum and Arkham City videogame puzzles are designed with the sequencer in mind. It works as a word decoder, frequency tapper and a signal jammer. It's the batman's mini-computer!! 

8. The Sonic Bat-Beacon

Now what's Batman without any bats? A failed superhero. With the bat-beacon, Batman can call out to his biggest ally, bats to aid him in distracting his foes. It works like sonar, which signals nearby bats to Batman's location. Now that's living up to your name Bats!!!

9. Bat Bombs

These bombs pack a major punch for their small size. They are stored in Batman's utility belt and though they may not be lethal, they are capable of distracting and stunning enemies temporarily. Did you know that Bat bombs are manufactured using the faeces of bats in the batcave? Who knew nature could be deadly!!!

10. The BatWing

I saved the best for the last. The BatWing was one of Batman's most used gizmos in The Dark Knight Rises. And why shouldn't it be? It was so cool. Literally invisible to enemy radar and decked with rocket launchers, the BatWing definitely gave the Batman a run for his money. I feel sad though about what happened to it in the end. Eh, probably blew up!!!

Even with the EPIC conclusion of the Batman series, the Dark Knight's spirit will always remain strong in Gothamites and his gadgets will always be remembered for their sheer amazingness by us techies. RISE Dark Knight!!!


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