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The XOLO X900- Intel has brought a Game Changer

It looks like Intel has joined the party of smartphones with its First Intel smartphone offering. Samsung and Apple, watch out, there's a new contender in town ready to snatch the top title anytime.....
Design- The XOLO's design looks pretty much similar to that of its contemporaries such as the Samsung Galaxy SII. It sports a 4.03 inch capacitive touchscreen with an amazing resolution of 1024x600 pixels. It comes with a 1.3 MP front facing camera and a mini HDMI port. There are four capacitive navigation buttons namely Back, Menu, Home and Search which are spaced evenly and away from the border which makes accidental presses very rare. At the back is an 8 MP autofocus camera accompanied by an LED Flash.

Build Quality- The XOLO feels pretty light yet tough. So, even if you do drop it accidentally, the materials of construction should be able to hold up.

Functionality- Now here's what the XOLO has to offer to its rivals, a 1.6 GHz single-core Intel Medfield processor. That's really powerful(though, it would be epic if it were a dual-core). It runs on Android Gingerbread 2.3, but an Ice Cream Sandwich update will work(Woohoo!!). The interface is similar to Gingerbread handsets; nothing out of the box. But the XOLO has something which its rivals will dread- a 400 MHz GPU set. If you don't know the importance of a GPU, in short, it's the thing that makes your games graphically real. Furthermore, you can connect the XOLO to your TV and enjoy playing games on a bigger screen. And 400 MHz is amazing for a smartphone; you can truly lose yourself into the game. The front facing camera is ideal for making video calls and for taking self portraits. The 8 MP camera at the back comes with burst shot,i.e., can take multiple pictures in succession. It can also shoot video at 1080p(HD reaolution).

Pricing- Well if you're thinking that the XOLO might cost a fortune(thanks to its amazing slew of features), think again, because it's priced at a very reasonable rate of $425(USD)!!

The Verdict- Looking at the spec sheet of the XOLO X900, it could be the next bestselling smartphone. The single-core processor might make multi-tasking a bit lackluster, but its high frequency should tidy things up. Other than that, it looks great, it functions well and priced nicely. It's a must have for those who wish to own a premium Android handset without burning a big hole in their wallets. It has surely changed the game of smartphone marketing.

If you would like to purchase the XOLO X900 right away, you can buy it through our 100% safe Flipkart portal.

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If any from you are thinking to move for a new smartphone with new features. I would like to suggest you to get Lava XOLO X900. I got mine before 20 days and its really very good than my previous one. It’s the India’s first Smartphone with Intel inside is housed in a sleek design with a 4.03-inch high-resolution LCD touch screen for crisp text and vibrant images. And the another amazing thing is its reliable price. You can read its full specification on internet and after getting much detail about it you would definitely want to own it. Everything, I found, is very true about this device. And trust me guys you would also going to love this. Any revert back would be highly appreciated.

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