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Show your love for the environment with the Panasonic eco Bluray player

It's just two days to go for World Environment Day and everyone is geared up to show how much they care for their beloved earth. If you love watching movies and want a DVD player that doesn't eat up too much power, then you can show your love for the earth too with the Panasonic Blu Ray Player. Read On....
This ain't your average DVD player. It sports a host of cool  features and also cares for the environment too. 

To start with, it looks gorgeous with it's slim profile and sharp curves. It sports an Eco sensor which is the USP of this player.

With the sensor the Player detects whether anyone is in its vicinity. If not, then it switches to standby mode where it consumes just 0.1 watts of power!!! Amazing!

And it can detect anything(say a person who wants to watch a movie) 15 feet away and turn on and consumes just 3.2 watts!! Do you know how much time it takes to get up from sleep mode? A mere 0.5 seconds. This Player just keeps getting better and better!!

If you have a Panasonic Viera Smart TV, you can directly connect the Player with it and share content. The DVD comes with a TouchPad remote control through which you can swipe through content. And...........wait for's got Wi-fi integration!!! Yes, use your wireless router to download movies and watch them straight from the Player itself.

Now the killer price, and yes it will kill you. The eco Player comes at a price of...........................................................................$199(USD). What did you think? It's got the features, an inovative eco engine and a price tag which will definitely give it the edge in the consumer market. So what you're waiting for? Show your love for the environment with the Panasonic eco Blu Ray Player.

And to save you from the spadework, I've got a direct link to the Panasonic e-store. If you want to buy it straight away, click here.

In the next post- A mini Android that packs a punch!!


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